Introducing CeMD.
The only platform for compliant documentation and coding,
freeing physicians from data entry.

CeMD actually changes the way healthcare is delivered, processed and paid.


What if doctors could spend more time with patients and expand access to quality care – without concern for data entry? A better patient experience awaits.

Physicians & Providers

Focus solely on patients by day and no charting at night. Accurate and complete documentation with built in compliance reduces denied or delayed payments.


Coding and billing are accurate, compliant and reliable — the first time. Imagine how much can be saved with fewer improper payments and pre-payment reviews?

CeMD at Work

With voice-enabled CeMD, physicians can focus solely on quality patient care – without concern for data entry. Accurate and complete documentation and coding are handled automatically with built in compliance.

Better Access to Care

With CeMD, physicians can focus solely on patients – not medical documentation. CeMD can cut physicians’ average number of patients/hour in half, reducing workflow burdens and increasing patient engagement and access to quality care. Watch patient satisfaction improve.

Accuracy and Compliance

CeMD supports physicians with optimal documentation and coding. QPP measures are built into the process so compliance with MACRA/MIPS and HEDIS can be handled and captured automatically. Of course, CeMD has certified HIPAA data encryption and security compliance as well.

Simple Set Up and Training

Efficiency does not need to be technically challenging. CeMD is quick to deploy and requires little set-up and implementation. Training is simple to get physicians started within minutes. CeMD is so intuitive and easy to use that once physicians get started they won’t want to go back to the old way of working.

Bottom Line Growth

With increased accuracy and complete, reliable billing, CeMD not only helps improve first time payment rates but also reduces pre-payment reviews. Together with patient throughput efficiencies and improved compliance, revenue cycles improve, as does the bottom line.