Why Are Physicians Turning To CeMD?

CeMD is the first, all-in-one platform for clinical documentation and coding. Physicians can focus solely on quality patient care, without the distraction of EMRs or coding.

Simplify Documentation and Coding with Voice-activated CDI

CeMD saves time: Average “patient per physician/scheduling hour” is cut in half. 

No Integration Requirements, Simple Deployment And Training.

Technology does not have to be difficult. CeMD is quick to deploy along side any EMR system and simple to use. Easy training gets physicians started within minutes.

Focus 100% on the Patient. No More Worry About EMR or Coding.

With CeMD, physicians are able to devote all of their attention to patients at the point of care – not the EMR. Already compliant coding is done automatically.

CeMD Advantages

From the point of care to billing and claims, CeMD helps physicians give each patient undivided attention, increase the number of patients/hour, ensure compliance and get paid without delay.

Physicians and Practices Thrive

CeMD frees physicians from onerous computer documentation and coding, bringing the focus back to quality care for patients. CeMD works with existing EMR and clinical information systems, requiring little implementation and training.

Be Accurate and Compliant

CeMD takes responsibility for accurate medical documentation, coding and compliance with Physician Quality Reporting, such as…MACRA Guidelines. Of course, CeMD has full HIPAA data encryption and security compliance as well.

See More Patients

CeMD is proven to more than double average patient throughput per hour and in some cases throughput can triple – all with the existing level of staff support. Patients notice the attention and their satisfaction improves.

Improve the Bottom Line

Because clinical documentation and coding are accurate and compliant, CeMD improves first time payment rates and reduces resubmissions. Shorter revenue cycle and incremental revenues from higher throughput grows the bottom line, while reducing audit risk.