Put CeMD to work for you


Put CeMD to work for you

Physicians get back to what they love

Navigating the complexity of clinical documentation and coding requirements can be a full time job. Then there’s establishing and reporting on chosen criteria for QPP to be compliant with MACRA/MIPS. Physicians already have a full time job.

With CeMD, physicians and their patients come together again. CeMD’s team is skilled in medicine, health information systems, coding, clinical documentation, billing and government regulations. This frees physicians to get back to a single-minded focus on quality patient care. Helping patients get and stay well is job enough.

And when documentation and coding are accurate, complete and reliable, the rest of the healthcare process can work far more efficiently and cost-effectively.

CeMD Advantages


  • Patient care experience and satisfaction dramatically improves
  • Full HIPAA data security and compliance protects patient privacy
  • Reduced scheduling backlogs and shortens wait times
  • Increases access to care for patients


  • Increases accuracy and complete, reliable billing with first submission
  • Lowers error rates
  • Reduces pre-payment reviews
  • Better efficiency can reduce cost of care


  • CIS is populated with high quality, complete encounter notes and documentation at the point of care, without physician data entry
  • Increases accuracy of ICD-10 coding, improving first-time payment rate and shortening the revenue cycle
  • Chosen QPP criteria for MACRA/MIPS compliance are built in and captured automatically
  • Reduces coding-related delays and denials that can result in a smaller inventory of incomplete claims
  • No need to catch up on charts at home after hours
  • Potential audit or litigation exposure can be reduced due to improved documentation, accuracy and reliability
  • Physicians and staff appreciate less stress, improving job satisfaction

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