CeMD at Work

Simplifying the healthcare process

CeMD at Work

Simplifying the healthcare process

When quality care improves and the cost of care is lower, everyone wins.

CeMD actually changes how healthcare is delivered, processed and paid. Physicians can focus on quality care for patients and ensure accurate, complete documentation and coding. Compliance is built in. Payers get complete, reliable billing the first time.

Patient Engagement

CeMD frees physicians from data entry at the point of care, enabling them to spend time with patients without computer distractions. Patients appreciate the personal attention, are more engaged and report greater satisfaction as a result. Simplifying physicians’ workflow also improves access to quality care for patients, further strengthening patient engagement.

Accuracy and Compliance

CeMD is voice-enabled in response to physician-patient dialogue. CeMD’s Clinical Documentation Improvement Coders (CDIC) are certified to accurately interpret, document and code the visit, entering it into the CIS system within minutes of the completed encounter. Compliance criteria for MACRA/MIPS and QPP are built in so data are captured automatically.

Revenue Cycle Management

CeMD delivers accurate and complete documentation and coding at the point of care which improves first time payment rates. Accurate and reliable billing also reduces coding related delays and denials. Shorter revenue cycle and incremental revenues from compliant QPP quality data grow the bottom line while reducing risk if audited.

Streamlined Processing

With CeMD, payers get accurate, thorough and reliable billing with the first submission because complete documentation is captured at the point of care. Reliable claims have a domino effect on all subsequent processes so that improper payment rates are lower and there are fewer pre-payment reviews. This improved efficiency can save healthcare dollars.