CeMD at Work

Put CeMD advantages to work for you

See more patients, ensure accuracy in documentation and coding, stay compliant and get paid faster – all without touching an EMR

Patient Engagement

CeMD frees physicians from data entry, enabling significantly more time for patient interaction. Patients appreciate the time and report greater satisfaction. The CeMD system also makes telehealth feasible, further improving patient.

Accuracy and Compliance

CeMD is voice-activated in response to physician-patient dialogue. Clinical Documentation Improvement Coders (CDIC) are certified to accurately interpret, document and code the visit, with entries to the Clinical information system within minutes. Compliance is automatic.Getting Started and Support

Revenue Cycle Management

CeMD’s 100% accurate documentation and coding ensures prompt payment from Medicare/Medicaid. No lost revenues from non-compliant, incomplete charts because they are submitted correctly the first time. Compliance is assured, reducing risk of pre/post-payment review.

Getting Started and Support

Implementation of CeMD is simple as it works together with your existing EMR. Training takes only a matter of hours. Ongoing training and resources guarantee that physicians realize the benefits of CeMD.

A Powerful Resource

Get real-time updates, speed up processing with electronic claims, and access your information anytime.